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Holmes 450 is a project lab room available to undergraduate EE and CENG Students who pay professional fees each semester. Dr. Vinod Malhotra has agreed to share this lab with all EE and CENG students for student project use only. Prior to using this facility, users must submit the Project Lab Room Usage Agreement Form to the EE Office. All usage of this facility must be related to school or coursework

If you’re interested in using the room, please follow these steps:

  1. Thoroughly read the attached Project Room Policy, see link below.
  2. Print and fill out page 2. Have your EE x96 advisor sign, showing that he/she endorses your request.
  3. Print and fill out the Assumption of Risk and Release form, see link below.
  4. Bring both signed forms to the EE Office, whereupon you will be issued a code. The code will be good for one semester. DO NOT SHARE THIS CODE WITH ANYONE ELSE.
  5. A 3D printer and CNC mill is also available for fabricating your EE x96 projects, but its actual operation is restricted to a student lab technician who already has been trained on its usage. See attached for instructions on submitting requests to the student lab technician, whose email address appears on page 5.

Project Room Policy Assumptions of Risk and Release Form


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