Attended: Keoni, Scott, Bin, Alex

  • Calibration
    • Can we have anemometer communicate to computer directly?
    • Important to have accurate & real-time readings
  • Talked about using the Teensy
    • Discussed process for converting current setup onto Teensy platform
    • Talked about use of Cortex M4 chip (instead of Atmega 328)
  • UART for direct communication to matlab
    • Because Teensy and Arduino uses COM, we can use UART to transmit directly to Matlab
    • FTDI converter chips
  • Applying machine learning
    • Increased ability for predicting direction
    • Efficient way for testing reliability of microphones & which ones to select
  • Need breadboards
  • To Do:
    • Research Teensy
    • Attempt to have Anemometer transmit data directly to computer


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