Attended: Keoni, Daisy, Andy

  • Microphone reliability
    • How do we select which microphones to use?
    • Can we use machine learning to automatically select the best ones?
  • Talked about UART
    • Research what UART is and how to use it
    • How can we implement USB to UART for the Teensy?
    • FTDI 322 Converter Chip for Arduino to Teensy
  • Arduino directly to Matlab
    • Currently manually read serial monitor
    • Matlab to UART
    • Audio to USB for Anemometer
  • Wind Sensor Calibration
    • Need a better way of calibrating; transmitting data from anememetor
    • Current Audio to USB (Anemometer → Computer) does not work.
  • Why multi microcontroller setup on blueberry didn't work
    • Master wasn't able to receive inputs
  • Improve the Wind Sensor Report
    • Andy will help and give feedback
    • Goal is to create a Manual-like format
  • To Do:
    • Find Audio to USB cable for Anemometer
      • Re-test
      • Call Manufacturer for support
    • Research UART
      • UART to Matlab
    • Begin re-structuring Report
      • Get everyone on the team involved
    • Ask Kenny about FTDI 322 converter chips


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