About SCEL

The Smart Campus Energy Lab (SCEL) was created in 2010 with the intent of tackling the task of creating a low-cost, self sustaining meteorological sensor platform. Initially a project of Justin Carland, that particular project has become one of the largest projects that SCEL has.

SCEL joined the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program in Fall 2015.


About the smart campus energy lab. More details to follow here later.

Random sections to fill in later:

  • EE 499
  • EE 496 Capstone
  • EE 196-396 Projects
  • Vertically Integrated Projects
  • Non-credit students
  • Education about other projects
  • Community contributions (how the lab works with other groups around the university)
  • How students are placed in projects
  • How the leadership structure works (maybe we need an org chart here)
  • REIS
  • How the lab got started
  • Student Driven Model
  • Why does our lab exist?
  • Meetings (how often do we meet?)

How projects work:

  • Horizontal integration ( weatherbox challenge)
  • Vertical integration ( weatherbox, forecasting, wind sensor)


  • We need a good way to explain our lab and projects to the community (the wiki should be the repository for this knowledge)
  • A page to explain how the wiki is structured (for beginners)


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