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Our main project is the SCEL Weatherbox.

The objective of this project is to design and develop low-cost, accurate, and reliable environmental sensor modules that can easily be reproduced for mass deployment on rooftops across the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus. The meteorological data collected from these modules will assist in planning future renewable energy installations as well as providing risk mitigation for electricity generation through the development of renewable resource prediction and forecasting algorithms.

The Weatherbox is split several subsystems.

The main goal of this lab is making Hawai'i a more sustainable place to live in. One part of tackling this problem is creating a microgrid for UHM that is independent of Hawaii's grid. In order to accomplish this, we are looking to find optimal places on campus to install renewable energy sources, such as PV. To find these optimal places, our lab is working on designing and building a sensor network that collects reliable weather data that will be analyzed and open to the public through a website.

Lilikoi Superior and more advanced bleeding edge weatherbox design.
Guava Even more advanced bleeding edge weatherbox design.
Dragonfruit Bleeding edge weatherbox design.
Cranberry Experimental weatherbox platform.
Apple Stable weatherbox platform.
Bumblebee Xbee Box 2.0
Ant Xbee Box
Firmware Platform agnostic weatherbox software
Gateway Interface to collect transmitted packets
Database Storage of all weatherbox data
Dashboard Dashboard to display weatherbox data
Dashboard_V2 Dashboard Version 2 to display weatherbox data
Verification Quality assurance, process validation and documentation verification
Networking Physical and virtual network testing and simulation.
Server Data translator and aggregator.
Visualization Visualization tools and scripts
Emulation Hardware emulation of platforms and peripherals
Simulation Firmware simulation and testing environment
Strawberry Super ultra bleeding edge housing design.

Cross-system teams or teams that don't necessarily belong to one subsystem.

Unified Software Team Unified Software Team (UST) Fall 2016

For 296 teams who are working on prototyping weatherboxes.

Team Name Motto Members
Honeydew Honeydew boo, I gotta see you boo Mizpah M., Xiao C.
Kiwi Kiwi be friends? Alex C., Jason C.
Avocado Clyde F., Sharmaine J., Rammell T.

For 296 teams who are working on prototyping weatherboxes.

Team Name Motto Members
Team Mango Drop Baby Drop Emily K., Mark C., Josh C.
Team Pineapple Always Ripe. Kevin L., Alex W., Joseph M.

For 296 teams who are working on prototyping weatherboxes.

Team Name Motto Members
Team Snapdragon Dragonfruit Jr. Kyle C., Jon L., Akira V.
Team Lotus Sean T., Dane k., Matt I.
Team Chocolate Cosmos Riley C., Sawinna H., Kenneth L.

For 296 teams who are working on prototyping weatherboxes.

Team Name Motto Members
Team Asteroid Ending with a Bang! Nathan L., Kevin W., Gordon L.
Team Rocket Blasting off again! Emily L., Jennifer C., Andrew.O.
Team Quasar Our future is bright Kenny F., Kyaw H., Jaimie O.
Team Nova We're a blast… Keane H., Dylan T., Tyler Y.
Team Black Hole One way in, no way out… Katherine S., John C., Janiene S.

For 196 teams who are working on energy technologies.

Team Name Motto Members
Team Sunflower Sunny side-up Ryan L., Kevin L., Jonathan T., Jason Y.
Project Badger Thick skull, dense bones Kyle C., Cyrus N., Brianne T.

Highschool Intern teams.

Team Name Members
Project Peacock Allyson T., Justin R.
Project Flamingo Dane Y., Skylar A.

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