Mentorship Training Meeting Planning - Spring 2016

What: Training Meeting for Mentors
Who: Mentors for the lab and the leadership team
Where: HH493
When: during the first week of school before the orientation
Why: Provide training to our mentors so they know what to expect especially if it is their first time mentoring students

  • Process for getting help
    • Students should first research on their own
    • If stuck, ask mentors
    • If still stuck, consult leadership team
  • Be able to communicate through the various channels that our lab uses and make sure your students are familiar with these channels
    • Email- primarily
    • Discourse, Slack
    • Meeting in person
    • If something important is discussed, details should be recorded on the wiki
  • Things the students you mentor should do
    • Communicate- respond to emails
    • Ask questions- encourage students to ask questions especially if they are stuck
    • Think- they should not be coming to you for answers without researching
  • Get to know your students
    • Understand their background, strengths and weaknesses
    • Will help you when mentoring them
  • What to do when helping students
    • Ensure that the students can work on something independently if you can't be there
    • Think about what you say before you say it
    • Adjust your mentoring techniques according to each students' learning style
      • Keep in mind students may be of different classes, experiences, etc.
    • Don't feed answers- encourage thinking
    • Be mindful of the relationship you have with the students you mentor
      • Respect your students
      • Your students are smart so encourage learning
  1. Introduction of leadership team and mentors (10 min)
  2. Mentorship schedule for the semester and logistics of mentoring (20 min)
  3. Tips for Mentoring (30 min)
  • Projector
  • Laptop for slideshow
  • Laptop for skyping people in
  • Projector cable
  • Sign in sheet
  • Pen


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