Attended: Keoni, Scott, Alex, Bin

  • Worked on Powerpoint project for All-Hands meeting
  • Discussed project direct
    • Reviewed pros and cons of using a new platform
    • Reviewed pros and cons of improving current system
  • Went over team roles and expectation
  • Discussed setting up meeting extra meeting times outside of weekly meeting
    • More direct mentoring
    • Focus on work/learning
  • Discussed progress on Fritzing and Sketchup (3D design) tutorials
  • Went over Andy's Thesis again
  • Alex, and Scott did some AutoCAD tutorials.
  • Bin worked on SolidWorks tutorial.
  • Scott did a Python tutorial.
  • No Parts
  • Unclear project on direction
  • To Do:
    • Set up mentoring with Daisy and Andy
    • Find a 3D printing design software everyone is comfortable with
    • Meet with Dr. Kuh regarding project
    • Acquire access to PCB fabrication via Dr. Garmire's lab


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