Attended: Mengyuan, Creighton, Scott

  • Updates:
    • Developed an algorithm for real time processing
      • Algorithm will calculate the moving average of the filter
  • To Do:
    • Fix usb connection error
  • Updates:
    • Continued researching methods of determining propagation time
      • One method is to keep track of the start time (signal sent) and the end time (signal received)
      • Because we don't have a transducer yet to keep track of the start, we will improvise with using two receivers and a source further away, the propagation time being the time between the receivers
    • Started developing an algorithm and circuit to accomplish above
      • The algorithm will use a combination of thresholding and phase shift detection to determine precisely the time
      • Need a Schmitt trigger for counting the wavelength number
        • Found a Schmitt trigger on DigiKey
  • To Do:
    • Update parts order list with Schmitt trigger
    • Continue developing algorithm and circuit


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