Attended: Andy, Daisy, Mengyuan, Creighton, Scott

  • Tested the teensy on a breadboard with one microphone
    • Verified that the teensy works
  • Teensy is not supported by Matlab
    • Devise a new way to collect data
      • Hard-code a timer to stop collecting data after a number of samples
      • Copy data from the serial monitor into Excel and Matlab for signal processing
      • Testing is not automated and data isn't real time
  • Other possible testing methods
    • Use a plastic bag around a fan and PVC pipe, with PVC pipe in front of sensor to act as a wind tunnel.
    • Improve “lazy susan” used for testing by using a stepper motor to rotate the angle of the wind sensor.
  • To Do:
    • Re-derive equations to translate amplitude to wind speed
    • Re-create experiments and data from Andy, Daisy, Jeremy and Keoni to understand the problem better.


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