Attended: Keoni, Daisy, Andy, Scott, Alex

  • Introductions
    • Alex met Daisy and Andy.
  • Teensy Presentation (by Keoni)
    • Talked about how to use the Teensy in conjunction with the Arduino software
  • Anemometer Presentation (by Scott)
    • Scott researched some anemometers
      • Needed more depth, so scott will do more research
  • Matlab
    • Alex - should start learning Matlab
  • Wind Measurement
    • Want to measure more reliably
    • Want to be able to concentrate wind in a specific area
      • Potentially create dual-pipe system (one for control & another for experiment)
    • How can we use the light dimmer in our testing?
  • Report
    • Recapping of experiments
      • Make sure to write down what methods were used and what graph it corresponds to
    • Re-ordering sections of the report
    • Talk about the fundamentals more
      • Basic idea behind the project
      • Basic process used for the project
  • To Do:
    • Scott - Draw sketch of potential structure to use for wind speed testing
    • Keoni - Gather test data using Teensy
    • Bin - RMS chip report
    • Alex - Do Matlab and Arduino work


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