x96 Syllabus

SCEL is a great place to learn/apply concepts and technical skills. x96 students who do a project with SCEL are expected to strive to achieve excellence in the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Learning
    • Email
      • Students are required to respond to lab emails within 24 hours
      • When sending lab related emails, cc [email protected]
    • Google Calendar Invitations
      • Students are required to accept or decline calendar events emailed to them
      • Attendance to events will be tracked through this tool
  • Team Updates (Weekly)
    • Each team will log their progress weekly through the lab Wiki
    • Students will post their weekly accomplishments, issues, and goals for the following week
  • Oral Presentations
    • See links to oral presentation guidelines in the “meetings” section
    • Teams will present four times during the semester:
      • A 8 minute proposal presentation in February/September
      • A 8 minute preliminary design review presentation in March/October
      • A 8 minute critical design review presentation in April/November
      • A 10 minute final presentation at the end of the semester
    • Students will submit a written report to Dr. Kuh ([email protected]) by the Friday of finals week, December 16, via email
    • Students may be asked to edit reports after they have been reviewed by Dr. Kuh

EE 496 students can see this PDF for more details: http://ee.hawaii.edu/gfx/content/ee496_2014-02-07_r1.pdf

Students: please refer to the Presentation Guidelines when making your presentations

  • Orientation Meeting
    • Students are required to attend an orientation for the lab at the beginning of the semester
    • It will be held on January 14 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
    • Basic lab information will be presented and sub team planning and organization will occur
  • Sub Team Meetings
    • Each sub team will meet weekly
    • Notes will be taken and stored on the wiki
  • Sub Team Lead Meetings
    • If you are a sub team lead, you will meet with the leadership team once a week
  • All Hands Meetings
    • Group presentations will be held each month in HH389
      • Proposal- 2/3 (9am-12pm)
      • PDR- 2/24 (9am-12pm)
      • CDR- 3/24 (9am-12pm)
      • Final- 4/28 (9am-12pm)
      • Please refer to the Presentation Guidelines when making your presentations.
    • Attendance is mandatory for all lab members
      • Students who cannot attend will need to email the project manager ahead of time with their reasoning for not being able to attend
  • Google Calendar
    • Students will receive access to the SCEL Google Calendar before the semester starts
    • Students are responsible for any meetings, events, goals, or deadlines posted on this calendar
    • Students must accept or decline event invitations sent to them
    • Meetings, events, goals and deadlines will be posted on this calendar
    • Students can use this resource to find information about the lab, procedures and rules, the syllabus, meeting notes, and much more
    • Documents will be posted on the wiki
    • Students can use this for real-time collaboration and event streaming
    • Students should log into the chatroom when they are working on lab projects
  • Parts Inventory


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