Current Voltage Logger (CVL)

The CVL is an in-house, open sourced data logger that will assist SCEL students when doing their analysis of components and boards. We had a need to collect current and voltage readings over a time interval so we can estimate the power consumption of devices.

This particular project hopes to build a cheap and useful tool that will also serve as an educational tool for future students in the lab.

  • Collect current and voltage readings from DUT
  • Transmit data to a computer at real time through a USB to RS232 converter
  • Display data after collection
  • Export data as a .csv file
  • DUT must have a maximum of 10 V and 3.2 A
  • Current repository can be found here

  • Develop an open-source tool for measuring real-time current and voltage
  • Create a GUI that will allow users to visualize and export data as .csv files

  • Live plotting
  • Dynamically select USB port (must currently be hard-coded)
  • Testing system performance for high resolution readouts
  • Power-saving features
  • Simple data analysis tools

As this is a work in progress, please see this link for updated versions of the GUI.

Instructions to run script.

  • Install python if not already installed.
  • Install necessary libraries by using the following commands.
  • Through command line, navigate to project main directory and run: python


Contributing authors:

akim cfelicitas kluong tbyers

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